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Adding a New Tenant to a Lease

Adding a New Tenant to a Lease Whether someone is adding a roommate or having a romantic partner move in with them, you’re likely going to encounter plenty of instances where a tenant needs to add someone to the lease. Like most things, having thorough and clear...

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Eviction Moratoriums Extended

Landlords who were awaiting the December 31 deadline for eviction bans to end will be stuck for longer as federal, state, and city lawmakers work to extend tenant protections into 2021. The federal relief bill just passed by Congress includes an eviction ban until...

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Tenant Scams 11 Landlords

At least 11 Toronto-area landlords are suffering income loss after the same tenant scammed them using a fake name. According to this news report, the tenant provided documentation under an alias name to secure leases on multiple properties.  The tenant allegedly...

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How to Make the Most of a Tenant Credit Check

Running tenant credit is the final step in the tenant screening process. This information helps landlords: Uncover tenant fraud including identity theft and false identity; Confirm the applicant's qualifications; and, Gain leverage for on-time rent payments. A credit...

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Alarming Rise in Tenant Fraud

The rental industry is experiencing a significant rise in fraud activity among applicants, that according to a new fraud analysis from TransUnion Credit Bureau. During the period from March 2020 to August 2020, landlords saw a nearly 30% increase in applicants who...

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10 Simple Ways to Avoid Nightmare Tenants

Major property management firms report that tenant fraud -- rental applicants who misrepresent qualifications -- is a common occurrence. These applicants are the most likely to become nightmare tenants, skipping out on rent, damaging the property, or causing...

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