Edmonton Apartment Association Offering Crime Free Certification

by | Jan 30, 2012 | Tenant Screening

The Edmonton Apartment Association is holding a Crime Free Multi-Housing training program, including recertification, on March 6 and 7.

Landlords and property managers who have attended this award-winning program report fewer problems with tenants, and improved tenant retention.

Last October, RCMP reported that in a 3-day blitz, they busted 19 drug grow ops in Calgary. Many of those operations were in rental properties, and had sustained considerable damage from the drug operations. This prompted RCMP to issue a warning to landlords encouraging them to learn how to effectively screen tenants and spot crime on their properties.

Police also have reported that gangs have been using impostors to rent properties to be used for criminal activities.

In February of last year, a landlord in British Columbia was forced to forfeit two apartment buildings, worth about $1M combined, after grow operations were discovered there.

The International Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is provided in cooperation with local police departments, and has served landlords throughout North America since 1992.

The program includes an educational phase with offers steps to prevent crime, including effective ways to screen tenants, drug and gang awareness, and fire safety.

An on-site inspection is available to identify any potential problems with a specific property. The program also includes a Safety Social. A police officer will introduce the concept of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program and explain the role that the residents must play in ensuring the success of the program. This officer will also deliver a presentation on Crime Prevention for residents.

When all three steps have been completed, Edmonton Police Service will issue the Phase 3 Certificate for the property and add the building to the list of police-approved, crime free accommodation.  These certificates can be displayed for prospective tenants.  The EAA can help you order crime prevention signs to display free of charge.  Buildings may also qualify for insurance discounts.

Contact the Edmonton Apartment Association, (780) 413-9773 for more information or to register.

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