Landlord Breaks Lease, Faces Punitive Damages

by | Jul 5, 2010 | Rental Property Management Tips

Two men who were at first allowed to sign a one-year lease for an apartment rental in Canada’s Northwest Territories we’re denied the right to move in once the landlord realized they were a homosexual couple.
The action rendered the tenants homeless for 10 days.
As a result, they have brought their case before the Human Rights Commission.
The landlord argued before the council that his religious beliefs against homosexuality outweigh other considerations of the law.  He claimed that he feared “God’s punishment” if he allowed the men to move in.  Instead, he sought out a family to rent the apartment.
The tenants are each requesting $23,000 in punitive damages.

The adjudicator heard both sides of the dispute and will decide this case sometime over the summer.

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