Should British Columbia’s Rental Laws Be More Like Ontario’s?

by Chris on May 6, 2013

Tenant rights advocates are saying that British Columbia’s rental laws should be modified using Ontario as a model.

A consortium of advocacy groups recently released a report profiling thirteen suggested changes to British Columbia’s current Residential Tenancy Act.

A spokesman told the Vancouver Sun that he hopes amending the RTA will become an issue in provincial elections.

The suggested changes in the report include:

A longer grace period for late-paying renters. The advocates suggest that a tenant should be allowed ten days to pay and cancel an eviction notice for late rent;

A cap on the rent increase guideline, similar to Ontario’s 2.5 per cent maximum allowable increase, regardless of the rate of inflation;

Requiring landlords to disclose the rent amount charged to a previous tenant;

Allowing tenants a warning and the right to rectify problems before landlords can file an eviction for cause; and,

The right to re-let a property that has been renovated, at the previous market rent, and three-months compensation for evictions based on renovations.

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Thelandlord May 6, 2013 at 1:04 pm

More like Ontario? No! Read the Ontario Landlords Association website ( and see what is really going on in Ontario.

BC needs to lead the way not follow the failed Ontario system that hurts both good landlords and good tenants.

cj smith October 17, 2014 at 12:04 pm

With these sort of regulations why would anyone want to rent/be a landlord???
Absolutely punitive – and there are some people who are dreadful tenants and dreadful landlords. But what about we honest folk trying to get by? Ever try paying a mortgage 10 days late?
Need I mention the increases in property tax, insurance, heating, electricity, repairs?
Where do these people live? Certainly not in the real world…..
Ever wonder why there is a shortage of rental housing? If we have enough socialism, the government can be everyone’s landlord. In fact, why don’t we just bring back the feudal system because there is little incentive and lots of risk to being a landlord.

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