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by | Jan 2, 2012 | Rental Property Management Tips

Episodes of HGTV’s popular property renovation program Income Properties typically focus on modernizing an old home or adding some pizzazz to a rental property.

A considerably less appealing element made an appearance in one of this year’s shows: mold.

Toronto’s Environmental Services Group Inc., played an important role in the episode. 

When a large concentration of mold was discovered at a featured property, mold testing and inspection experts from Environmental Services Group were immediately called in to assess and handle the situation. Environmental Services Group is a trusted resource for certified mold testing services in Toronto, the GTA and Ontario.

What can other landlords glean from the experience?

Because of health risks associated with mold, property owners who discover it should have the problem evaluated, and proceed with the immediate removal of this dangerous health hazard.

After the mold is safely eliminated and disposed of, there is still one more very important course of action to be carried out before the renovation could continue: a final mold test.

It is critical following the removal of mold to verify that the source of the mold is adequately eradicated.

A mold test done by a certified third party mold testing company like Environmental Services Group will ensure the homeowner or property manager that the location is safe and the hazardous microbes won’t return to harmful levels.

In the case of Income Properties, the cleanup was successful; the mold test proved the environment safe and the project was back in action.

Property owners need to be aware of the gravity of the existence of mold. It is ubiquitous, but often hidden. Mold can cause serious health issues, especially among the young, elderly and those with respiratory problems.

Professional mold inspection services can spot and prevent the further spread of mold, protecting tenants and rental businesses.

Unfortunately, there are many unlicensed and unqualified people looking to take advantage of unknowing property owners who discover mold on their properties. Before hiring a mold testing company, ensure this vendor is certified and fully licensed.

For more information on tackling mold problems, visit, read their helpful blog articles, or call  (416) 575-6111. And of course– book a mold test.

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