Firm Offers Landlords Infrared Inspections to Detect Secret Grow Operations

by Chris on November 21, 2011

British Columbia landlords can now put technology to work for them in ferreting out illegal grow operations that can threaten their rental properties.

Former Mountie and security specialist Brian Goldstone from Griffin Security told CTV news that his company is offering the use of infrared cameras to landlords wanting to check up on their tenants.

The technology is based on the fact that marijuana grow ops can produce an elevated level of heat, which can be detected from the outside of the property. While the existence of the operation still needs to be confirmed from the inside, this method gives landlords the advantage in detecting grow operations before their properties are destroyed.

Grow operations are most typically located in rental properties, according to the RCMP.  Often, plumbing and electrical lines are altered to feed the operation, and significant damage results.

The RCMP just announced an initiative to stop grow operations. In September, the RCMP was involved in a sweep in Calgary that busted 18 grow ops in three days, many of which were rentals. In February, a British Columbia landlord lost two properties to forfeiture after grow ops were discovered there.

The infrared detection service costs $75 a month, according to the report.

Privacy advocates are questioning the right of landlords to inspect properties using infrared technology, but as of yet, there are no specific prohibitions.

The RCMP recommends that landlords run tenant background checks, and perform regular properties inspections–every four or five weeks, to eliminate the risk of income loss from a grow op.

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steve December 13, 2011 at 9:51 am

You could take a look at the power meter for free. Is it running like crazy? Are they using a crazy amount of power? Or is the meter not moving at all (they have bypassed it) Does the meter base look molested or the power cables running to the meter? An attempt to get free power.

Are there rooms that always have the blinds closed with no light ever coming out of them like they have put foil and blankets up to block out all of the lights inside the room?

Seriously your tenants will hate you (and leave) if you go through their place every month and will probably freak if they see someone walking around their place pointing an IR detector at them every month.

You can sneak a peak at the power meter easily. Pretend you are doing yard work or checking on exterior maintenance that needs to be done.

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