Super-High Speed Internet Available for Vancouver Apartments

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Rental Property Management Tips

tenant screeningLandlords in Vancouver have a unique amenity to offer tenants — super-high speed Internet. recently announced the launch of its one gigabit per second Internet services targeted to apartments and condo buildings in Vancouver.

Deployed through a combination of last mile fiber optic cable and high capacity point-to-point microwave wireless with rooftop antennas, this service provides a true 1 Gbps FTTH (fiber to the home) connection to individual customers in apartments, condominiums and small to medium sized business locations throughout the Vancouver area.

Working in partnership with local real estate development firms, outside plant cabling contractors and telecommunications industry professionals, OneGigabit is focused on serving the vast majority of MDUs (multiple dwelling units) in the GVRD which presently lack access to underground fiber optic cables.

Through the use of innovative new technology including rapidly deployed surface inlaid fiber, bend loss insensitive in-building fiber and 1 Gbps optical CPE (customer premises equipment) routers, OneGigabit has been able to significantly reduce the capital expenditure required to provide extremely high speed FTTH in a densely populated urban area.

Recent advances in high capacity microwave radio point-to-point last mile access systems are a key component of OneGigabit’s service offerings. From the rooftops of tall office and condominium buildings, connections can be achieved at line of sight distances of up to 8 km and speeds of 2.0 gigabits per second. Very high capacity point-to-point wireless links operating in the 24, 38 and 80 GHz frequency bands can bridge the gap between a costly multiple kilometer fiber optic build and the nearest location with access to pre-existing underground fiber.

CRTC telecommunications regulatory decision 2010-930 enabled American owned wholesale ISPs to provide service using dark fiber on the critical Vancouver to Seattle long distance fiber optic cable route. As a result, the cost of wholesale Internet capacity in the Vancouver market has dropped significantly over the past 12 months, bringing the Vancouver market closer to the wholesale capacity rates that have been available for many years in the highly competitive Seattle area ISP market. OneGigabit’s recently announced service offerings in Vancouver have been made possible as a direct result of this decision.

OneGigabit is the most recent business venture of Eric Kuhnke, a computer networking and telecommunications professional with more than fifteen years of industry experience. Mr. Kuhnke’s background includes multiple years in Afghanistan and Pakistan as an IT and networking contractor responsible for critical computer network systems supporting US Department of State and US Agency for International Development (USAID) missions in central Asia.

“For far too long, the near-monopoly large residential ISPs in the Vancouver area have been content to extract revenue from copper cables that they installed 20, 30 or 40 years ago. DSL services over copper phone lines and cable modem service over copper coaxial cables are significantly limited in speed and bandwidth compared to fiber optic access technology”, says Kuhnke. “I also believe these copper based last-mile access technologies are a dead end when compared to the high speed FTTH construction happening now in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China. Without significant upgrades in last-mile Internet access technology in the Vancouver area, our city cannot gain the economic benefits of incredibly fast, affordable Internet access.”, Kuhnke says.

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