Simple Solution to Scary Property Management Problem

by | May 27, 2013 | Rental Property Management Tips

Rose blooms are not the only thing signaling the approach of summer. It’s also nesting time for bats.

Bats may have an important role to play in the ecosystem, but they are hard to warm up to. Plus, they can carry rabies.  That makes bats scary to a lot of people, including your tenants.

tenant screeningPregnant bats nest in the spring, and give birth over the summer. One of the best nesting areas — from a bat’s perspective — is a warm house. According to Horacio Parreira, owner of City & Country Pest Control in Toronto, bats don’t chew their way into structures. They get in through preexisting gaps and holes.

Parreira says that when it comes to ridding a home of bats, timing is critical. If a nursery colony has taken up residence in an attic or under a porch, it may be easier to wait until the young are able to fly.

That’s because immature pups likely will die if the adults are moved. That’s going to lead to a troubling odor problem. Also, once mothers are separated from their pups, they may fly into different rooms of the house, looking for ways back to the roost.

Trying to exclude bats on your own with poisons or other methods can increase the risks. If you or your tenants find bats around your rental property, the best course of action is simple: call in a professional company like City & Country Pest Control. These experts will conduct a thorough inspection of the property and provide a plan for humanely and safely removing the bats, and minimizing your tenants’ discomfort.

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