Lawmaker Says Ontario Housing Minister Out of Touch With Landlords and Tenants

by Chris on March 24, 2011

Ontario MPP Joyce Savoline, who last month attempted to push forward a measure to allow landlords there to collect damage deposits from tenants, is criticizing Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Bartolucci for being “out of touch” with landlords and tenants

During a Question Period March 8, Mrs. Savoline asked Minister Bartolucci why the McGuinty Liberals have done nothing to modernize the rent dispute process in Ontario. Savoline says the Minister refused to answer the question.

“It typically takes 90 days for a dispute to be resolved, costing landlords about $5,200,” says Savoline. “This puts a tremendous strain on the rental housing sector and there is a great risk that they will get out of the industry all together, creating uncertainty for 1.3 million rental households.”

The Minister claims that the McGuinty Liberals have “struck the balance that is good for landlords and good for tenants.” A recent study released by the Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) shows otherwise. According to the report, the majority of tenants, 69 per cent, are in favour of making it easier to evict tenants who are not paying their rent, and 86 per cent of tenants favour a quicker eviction process for tenants causing damage.

“Where else would you find that goods and services are provided without payment, other than with landlords, who must allow tenants who don’t pay rent to stay,” says Savoline. “My concern is for small landlords who must find ways of making up lost costs from rent charged to all tenants, even those who do pay their rent.  The current system is flawed and the Minister needs to start listening to what tenants and landlords are saying rather than avoid answering my questions in the Legislature.” 

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Dean Harbridge March 31, 2011 at 4:01 am

My wife & I are small landlords (2 properties only) in the Durham Region (just east of Scarborough, Ontario). We recently were forced to go through the eviction process (which took 5 months) to evict with a sherrif. Not to mention the almost $ 5000 in lost rent, utility payments & damage repairs.

What these government branches fail to understand, is this: Given the upcoming Federal election, do the liberals honestly expect that we will vote for any Liberal candidates when the ignorance demonstrated by this party clearly demonstrates they are not looking out for the best interests of Landlords who stick their neck out to risk financing a legal duplex, only to have to dip into personal savings to pay for expenses created by evicted tenants (how choose not to pay rent or utilities)!!

Clearly out of Touch with the reality of the situation!

Dean Harbridge

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