Keeping Pests at Bay During a Pandemic

by | May 25, 2020 | Rental Property Management Tips

As if COVID-19 business closures and social distancing restrictions weren’t enough to deal with, pet control experts now are warning that rodents, unable to feast on trash from crowded restaurants and bars, now are roaming the streets in search of food.

Complaints are mounting over mice and rats migrating closer to residential areas, while wasps and roaches are making homes in overgrown shrubs, under eaves, and around less-frequented sheds and garages.

Now is a good time to come up with a summer pest control plan that staves off the need for a pest control visit.

Talk to tenants about what they can do to keep pests at bay:

Be mindful of trash. Keep it in sealed bags and keep the bags off the floor. Dumpsters and trash cans should be closed tightly.

Pet food containers and bowls are an instant attraction for mice. Avoid leaving these out in the open or in paper bags.

Keep clothes and other items off the floor. Avoid clutter where critters can hide. Vacuum frequently to eliminate or reduce the number of pests.

Invite tenants to report infestations and discuss next steps. Tenants should not use self-help remedies like foggers or pesticides. Traps might be safe if the tenant is willing to empty them, and if the tenant can keep them away from children and pets.

Landlords also can keep pests away:

Inspect outdoor areas regularly. Give tenants a call first and let them know you will be there. Look for a nests, debris, or signs of chewing that signal an infestation.

Seal up cracks or holes around pipes, vents, siding, and cement.

Keep storage to a minimum to eliminate hiding places. Avoid storing firewood or yard debris, especially near any structures.

Cut back overgrown landscaping to provide a dry barrier around the house. That reduces the risk of water damage and eliminates a common hiding place that attracts pests.

If an infestation occurs that can’t wait, contact a reputable pest control company that is following safe practices during the pandemic.

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