Forget the Mace: Smartphone Application May Be Best Bet for Personal Safety

by | Jul 25, 2011 | Rental Property Management Tips

In the wake of a number of recent crimes occurring during home tours, including the kidnap and murder of a landlord, real estate professionals are embracing technology to enhance their own personal safety.

The Moby smartphone application created by Vancouver company Contigo Systems, Inc., is gaining widespread acceptance across North America.

Available for free today in the U.S. and Canada on the iPhone® and BlackBerry®, and available soon for Android, Moby alerts a user’s chosen contacts via email and text with a request for assistance, and provides an interactive map to the user’s location.

Alerts can be triggered by a single button, and powerful location sharing features provide instant peace of mind and added safety.

Moby’s alerts and location details can be delivered to chosen friends and colleagues, or a national security monitoring center for immediate resolution involving emergency services.

“Moby subscribers are always in control of their location information,” says Conal Campbell, Director of Alliances for Moby. “Whether you are a REALTOR® at an open house, in an unfamiliar neighborhood, or just a smartphone user that wants to enhance existing safety practices while at work or play, you decide who should see your location to help you resolve your safety concerns.”

According to Moby’s 2011 Real Estate Safety Report, 55% of safety concerns arise while showing vacant properties. The survey also shows the most common weapon for personal protection is mace, followed by a gun, and 2% of real estate professionals report they bring a dog along for protection.  Nearly 15% of respondents report that their loved ones are frequently concerned for their safety.

The study also shows that the most common safety strategy is sharing itinerary with a colleague or friend, followed by frequent check-in calls to the office or another person.  Nearly 30% of real estate professionals bring along another person to showings, while 22% photocopy the prospect’s ID.  13% of respondents do nothing to protect themselves.

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